Security Summer Camp 2018

What if we told you that despite all of your efforts, the code you have been writing your entire career is full of weaknesses you never knew existed? What if, as you are reading this, hackers were trying to break into your code? How likely would they be to succeed?
This summer Informator presents a week packed with training courses centered around the theme of security. What's your flavour?

Security training courses running July 2-6

Java and Web Application Security Bootcamp

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C# and Web Application Security Bootcamp

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C and C++ Security Bootcamp

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Azure Security Powerclass

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Webbsäkerhet - Attacker, Brandväggar, Kryptering

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Learning secure coding – the most effective way of doing security

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Developers' key role within software engineering security

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OWASP Top Ten 2017 Release Candidate is out

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Meet the trainers

Balasz Kiss

Senior Trainer, Application security expert Education- M. Sc. degree in Technical information at Budapest University of Technology and Economics- Computer science, software engineering studiesSpecialization: Security of information systems

Sándor Kardos

Senior Trainer EducationBudapest university of Technology and Economics- M. Sc. degree in Technical information- PhD student at- Specialized translator and interpreter (English-Hungarian)

Andras Gazdag

It Security Researcher, trainer EducationBudapest university of Technology and Economics- M. Sc. degree in Computer Science Engineering- B. Sc. degree in Computer Engineering- PhD student

Sasha Kranjac

Internationally recognized Security and Azure Specialist Instructor with more than two decades of experience in the field.